WIP house on hill

After much help from this forum i have got this far with my project. I know its still not finished and ive heard that the shadows are to dark or it dosent go from dark to light gradully. Please let me know what u think and how i can improve it. Im going to add some particles as grass. But the lighing still sucks.

final render 3: updated with softer shadows and grass strands.

I would increase the tiling on the ground texture, now the grass looks huge, which makes the house look small.Accomplish this by either modifying the uv-map of the terrain or the vector for the material.

The texture direction of some of the parts of the house is off in rotation, for example on the closest corner ledge and the side of the recess.

Also what are the black artifacts in the lower right side of the house?

Loving the concept though :slight_smile: Keep it up!