WIP- Hover Tank

I’ve started working on a new film project, so with that comes a whole slew of new models. Here’s one of the enemy hovertanks; I have the textures on the full partially done and all of the modeling. Any criticism or tips are very welcome! :yes:

not to nit-pick, but since it is floating on air, how does it deal wioth the recoil? :eyebrowlift2:

It could have one of the thrusters engage to push it in the oppisite direction to counteract the recoil

Maybe it has a plasma cannon? I cant see laser guns or plasma guns having a kick… but since they are not real we will never know.

Cool Idea man, keep it coming

It has thrusters on the back- huge ones. :slight_smile:

Solution to the problem: Make sure yuo are going VERY FAST when you shoot. Problem fixed. Now you just gotta work with the accuracy…

Pretty nice. However the barrel and turret section look too new and perfect compared to the rest of it.

I know- I’ve only started texturing the hull.

If this tank exists in a world where physical projectiles are still used, that vertical front armor is a huge drawback. Current tanks have their front armor sloped as much as possible to deflect incoming shells. That may not matter for energy weapons; I don’t know enough about laser interactions to say.

Yeah; the tank has a field projector to handle incoming projectiles. The tank is angled to set up a field in the most efficient way possible (and to look cool :slight_smile: ).

The center of the picture looks really good, with the rusty plate armor and stuff, it doesn’t quite match the rest though, the other two pieces are too new to fit the old center one. I’d work on making them all look the same then you’ll have a pretty sick picture

See above: :slight_smile:

I should probably have more texturing done about Tuesday or sometime around then.