Wip Human Soldier

well after Neo’s astounding work…I wanted to make a human model
well this is so far my first try…
Any comments? critics?
*dont bash me please…first caracter model ever :expressionless: *

Thats cool! great definition man, can’t wait to see it finished =D

So far your model is looking good. My one suggestion is to make the ab muscles bigger.

I think the same thing…except that everything is perfect…and well…if you continu like that…maybe we could use it in the movie what ya think? :stuck_out_tongue: :Z

whate movie? :o :expressionless:

Seeing a muscular chest and arms without a head reminds me of the character “Ducky” from Toy Story.

He looks great, even without a head.
Keep working like this and I’m sure you’ll get ahead.
Pun intended.

Nice work!

Constructive criticism. The pects should fade into the clavicle a little more and the biceps look a little square. I understand you may not be going for total realism, but those two things stand out the most. Otherwise, very good start.

That´s good! As said, a little blocky, but I think that´s nice. Reminds me of the guy with a chaingun instead of a hand in Quake 2…

if this is your first character, ace, you are truly an amazing blenderer like ive told u before! :o
i really like those arms! and the neck area too… and the head is extremely detailed, though the nostrils are a little too big… he needs a little more forehead too, it just goes straight back =
the arm definition looks pretty good so far…
the collar bones, id suggest deleting some faces in that area, and adding in a half cyclinder… ( <–sort of like that, so it has the round bone shape, the soft shape will also get rid of sharp edges in the model

the chest is not bad! i had such a bitch of a time with my first models just trying to figure out what method to use! and i can honestly say, many of my first chacratcer models werent anywhere near as good as this…

the chest is a little boxy though, but if its like an armor suit it fits it well, if u want real proportions, check out some body builder pics, the chest should be sort of like boobs, only strong and flatter, a little boxy like u have it, but rounded more
the abs, a little flat to me, but ‘work withable’… they shrink as they go down, i think theyd look better al lthe same size, and bubble them out just a bit, theyre a little boxy/flat

its really good ace :smiley:

Awsome Ace god :stuck_out_tongue:

would love to see the finished work :slight_smile:

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