WIP: Ichiraku Ramen Shop

This is a rough model of the ramen shop from the Naruto show.

I need to add some texturing, and some more detail into the overall model. Please comment and rate it. Thank You :slight_smile:

I added details to the second floor, a new roof(that I plan to normal map shingles onto), and made the lantern a little larger.


I completely modeled the 2nd floor to include most of its fixtures. This one is definitely one of my best blender models by far.


Finished to my liking. Please Critique.

The one from the show has a second story and the lantern should be bigger, and the piece of wood holding it should be horizontal and be embedded in the roof tiles. So far it is a rough shape so I can’t critique that much. And the texturing depends, do you want this to be realistic or stick to the original reference. Oh and here is the reference I got my critique from http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/File:Ichirakuramen.JPG . Oh yeah, Welcome to the BA community!

Here is the new version, I will bump map the shingles on to the roof, also I am continually working on the second floor. I am working on some items to put around the store, to make it look even more accurate. Thank you for the critique and the welcome!


Thanks for the good critique. I added a new roof onto it, and I will use a normal map for the shingles effect. I made the second floor much more detailed as well.