WIP Image & a Question

Here is an image that I did this morning. I will be working on finishing this when I get my Frog anim and my bot done, (hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks for the latter :-? )


This is a sort of bug character that I came up with. Just used all MESH>CUBE and extruded and scaled and then used that wonderful Sub-Surf button :smiley: . Lit using radiosity. Will add more details later on. Just wanted to see a render and get some input from the group.

My question is, why do I still get those little black marks on the tubes and in some places on the mesh when usin radiosity? I have all normals calculated to outside and smooth pressed, but still get them. Any answers out there?


Is that an effect of radiosity or could it be that you have triangles in your subsurf cage? That can cause strange rendering artifacts in the subsurfed surface. What happens when you render without radiosity, with a more standard lighting scheme?

Also, if it is the radiosity, try duping your .blend file, then converting your subsurfed mesh into a standard mesh.

im glad to see someone using radiosity!ive been playing with it myself,with good results.nice job!!
im no expert but i would guess that the edges are too sharp.
try bevelling or rounding them,are you converting the subsurfs to mesh?

keep em comin!


Thanks for the comments guys.

In response:

  1. All subsurfs were converted to meshes and then set to smooth.
  2. No tris in the mesh. As I said, this was all done with mesh cubes and extruded/scaled.

I will look at rounding the edges to see if that helps. Will try it again.

Thanks again.