WIP InstantRetopo test

Add-on development is dead.

Ooooh, pretty spectacular! Will this need a special build (extra libs) to use?

really promising! I waited this stuff for years…

It is possible to follow the hard lines ?


On your videos it seems that it’s a quad remesher, but the results are not yet really great.
Maybe using a pointiness or a dirty vertex map to see those lines and add loops on them.

Question, these remesher tools, does anyone actually use them reliably for character animation or what not?

It just seems to me nothing can really beat, the practical way of retopoing a mesh by hand. Even the add strokes, seems somewhat hit and miss. I would love to hear people who actually have used these remesh tools, like zbrush in production or on their models.

To me, it just seems like a bit of a waste of time, no offence to the OP, of course :wink:

Depend on what you work, a normal zremesh is for sculpting or for certain forms.

On my work I use zremeh for some parts of a model and I finish the retopo by hand because it’s never good to make a face retopo with this kind of tool.

It’s still WIP, but I definitely have plans on adding such features.

Yes I know it’s a wip :wink:

Good work !

that’s amazing. love the stego too :slight_smile:

So, what is the status of your retopo tool ?

Have you seen that ? That will be really cool on blender !

Interactive quadflow

wow… this looks pretty awesome. Of course is just some videos, I can’t wait to try it, but I have to say it is the first time I see something like this.

Keep it up Alberto!

I saw this it’s nice, I would like to see more on a symetrical model.

When it will be release

It is possible to preorder for beta test

Any news on this addon

wow fantastic. But is work on hard surface models, on organic model you need a “organized” topology. In Zbrush you can use various method for follow edge flow and regolate the density of the mesh. The masks and the curve for edges flow.
Without this tools I fear it is not very useful, on the organic.

why is this not a part of blender? WOW!

Hey Alberto, I preordered this and it was supposed to come out July 1st. Is it still coming out? Even if it’s still in Beta I would like to take it for a spin. I’ve been messing with Instant Remesh retopo solution lately and would be interested in trying the add on.

I sent a couple of emails to Alberto and didn’t hear back. I then decided to do a Paypal refund since that seemed like the only thing left to do. I heard back from Alberto saying that he had decided to stop making the plugin as it had some kind of insurmountable bug. :frowning: Very disappointed that this project isn’t going to go forward. We do have stuff like Instant Remesher, but thats outside of Blender and kind of a pain to use. Even if it isn’t an ultimate retopo solution, having this on hand would be a nice way to clean things up quick without changing programs etc.