WIP - Interactive Walkthrough

Ok, well heres my first blender project in an “almost” complete state. This is for a school project that is due in a week. Its not overly optimised and there is lots of alpha mapped glass everywhere so people with slower pc’s may not be able to run it. With some help hopefully I will be able to get it running smoother :slight_smile:

Heres a screenshot:

Windows Runtime: http://people.aapt.net.au/~nadoos/mexico3_final30_Windows.rar

Linux Runtime (I havent tested this so I dont know if it works): http://people.smartchat.net.au/~naidoos/mexico3_final30_Linux.rar

Known Issues:

  1. The level indicators on one side of the lift dont work properly
  2. When going up in the lift sometimes you fall through the floor, and when going down in the lift sometimes you fly through the roof!
  3. It runs slow! (well it averages about 30 fps on my system, but you can feel the sluggishness)

Thanks to:

  1. mpan3 for the terrain
  2. Social for the excellent skybox tutorial
  3. blendenzo for all the tutorials\information on his site
  4. everyone else who contributes to these forums.


Glad it helped out.

Believe it or not, building a skybox is not supposed to be as complicated as in my tutorial (you should just be able to slap any 5/6 textures on a cube and be done with it). It’s a blender texture smoothing problem (nibbles on the texture edges), and they should really try to fix that internally.

For now, my tutorial is more of a workaround than an actual solution.

Since I’m on Linux I couldn’t try out your executable, but from what I can see in the screenshot, it looks good.

Keep it up.

PS: I’m pretty sure it’s spelled “blendenzo” rather than blendozo. Right?

Could you post a .EXE or .Blend for me? .RAR never works.

There is an exe in the rar. Rar is just an archive format and it works fine; you just need the right tools. I would suggest 7-zip it’s excelent, at least under windows: http://www.7-zip.org/

Cool walkthrough btw. Only real issue I’ve had so far is the test on the buttons for the main screen didn’t come up for me. Were you using a custom GE font and didn’t pack the font texture? That would be my first guess. Otherwise good job :slight_smile:

win zip also works quite well,
and btw, great work,

Thanks guys. 7-Zip worked great!

GeneralJ was right, I can’t see the text. Good layout though. But it ran like 5-FPS on my comp Lol.

Social: Thanks for the feedback, I have uploaded a linux runtime now so feel free to check it out. I always get “blendenzo’s” name mixed up (every time I search for his site) so thanks for pointing that out.

General J: Thanks for the feedback. You were right, I hadnt packed the font texture. I have fixed that in the newest runtime that I have uploaded.

Thanks for the kind words master-noob and free_ality, I appreciate it.

In the newest revision I have tried to clean up a few things. I got rid of about 1.5k faces (mostly quads) which isnt heaps in the scheme of things, but it should help speed things up.

PS: Has anyone fallen down the liftshaft yet? I cant reproduce it consistantly, but it happens every now and then :confused:

Yes! I was on the elevator when all of the sudden I was flying in the sky. I looked up and said goodbye to this cruel world.

:stuck_out_tongue: Well atleast it isnt just me then. It seems to only happen when the FPS drops. In the console there are also some messages saying “dropping physics frames”. Is it possible that the collisions (with an invisible plane that stops you flying through the roof when the lift goes down) are not being detected when the system is stressed? You would think that physics calculations would be highly prioritised within the game engine and other calculations would be dropped first, but then again, I really dont know anything about the technicalities of the game engine.

If I could just make the character fall faster so he stays in sync with the lift then it wouldnt even matter. Would increaing the acceleration due to gravity do the trick?

I got some ideas. Social is there any way to parent an object just in one axis or more. Like right when the player collides with elevator the player will be parented ONLY on the Z-axis. So you could walk around the elevator and that would prevent the player from flying up when the elevator is going down or when the elevator is going up the player does’nt fall through. My other idea is to have the hole map move up and down but not the elevator. So the elevator wouldn’t budge with the player in it but the map would give you the illusion that your moving up or down.

That’s my ideas.

Those are some good ideas actually,thanks for taking the time to come up with them :slight_smile: I have tried parenting the “viewer” (I am using the 2.42 walkthrough template) to the lift, but that seems to make camera movement very erratic, so it is a no go. I guess the best way around that would be to only have the viewer parented only on the Z axis, just like you said. I dont know if thats possible though, hopefully it is.

Moving everything else up and down the lift is another option is guess, the only problem is that moving the terrain, the skybox, and the rest of the building at the same time may bring the BGE (and the computer its running on) down on its knee’s, since the walkthrough isnt overly recource efficent in the first place. I guess ill use it as a last resort. I’ll have to do something though, because this is going to be marked externally (for my end of year CG mark) and I dont think the examier will be too happy if he tries it out and he falls through the floor!

Once again, thanks for the help.