WiP: Jar of stuff

not sure what is up with the lines inside the jar… ?
balls displacement mapped using voronoi with colourband
[email protected]’s sky map, the jelly needs a bit of re-shaping and image is washed-out … looks better grayscale… very much wip.
closs-up of balls
C&C welcome

Wow! Nice technique, and good image. “stuff” r0ks (can’t wait to try diplacement maps). Maybe the green… liquid can be more detailed (now it’s like stiff gel…)

weird LOL


Weird, but nice. Your lighting could use a little bit of work IMO, and I think the liquid subtances is a little to transparent.

My eyes are slightly confused by the interplay of light around what I presume to be the base of a spilled glass jar. Specular highlights could be added to clarify the location and depth of the surfaces.

LOL I tried making a jar of stuff once. It was going to be a jar of “squirrel jam” with pieces of squirrel in it. Squirrel Jam’s my band’s name.

the green liquid needs to be curved closer to the ground, to make it look more liquidy, and add more explanation to the scene, why is it spilled? the veiwer needs to know.


the glass material needs work (higher specularity and hardness?) and I’m unsure about the value of IOR you used in this one.

The jelly also needs some work, basicly about its shape which is not actually convincing: if it’s still flooding, then a wave shape for the foreground jelly would be cool. If it’s already still, then it should be way more planar, I guess.

Lighting could be improved; you can choose colored lamps to add more subtleness and soft tones to this picture which is rather cold, without changing anything else at your scene. Fake HDRI for better (and richer) reflections could also improve the overall without further modelling the environment.

I really love the green strange balls… :slight_smile:


the lines in jar are a result of Amb Occ… here is heavey post processed pic, haven’t had time to follow all the good advice above, hopefully get some time later today, got the flu arghhhhhh sore eyes>sleep now