WIP Jedi Training Remote

Hi, I’m PixelOz which is the web name that I go by in most places even though my user name appears as DavidOne_1 here and that is because I created this account a long time ago and I was not using it but now I am.

I modeled this from scratch in Blender 2.49b. This is my first let’s say “serious” 3D model. I mean I’ve done a lot of stuff in 3D but simpler stuff, I don’t think that it was for lack of ability cause I feel that I can do more but because I have been involved in many other things.

For example recently I wrote a free 227 pages e-book on how to design paper models with Blender (by the way I have a link to that here in the forum) and that took a lot of time. If you see the book you will see that it has a lot of 3D renderings in it and other illustrations but they are simpler things.

This is not of course a Star Destroyer with a gazillion details but this is only a first try into modeling something more elaborate than what I usually do for illustration purposes so I hope that you like it.

As you can see this only has some materials applied to it but it still doesn’t have any textures on it yet, I’m working on it, this is just the mesh work so far so at the moment it is a just a brand new remote out of the box http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/images/smilies/TheSmile.gif

I started this as a conversion to Blender of a remote available from Sci-Fi 3D but I wasn’t happy with it cause it looked too distorted to me and I decided to make my own from zero instead.


By the way if you want to see it with a bit less compression than the one that the forum applies automatically to you can see it here, this render looks more clear:


I always wanted to model something Star Wars cause I’m a big Sci-Fi fan and I messed around with other peoples Sci-Fi models a lot but never actually modeled something Star Wars myself so here is a first try.

Nice job dude! Now for some textures and LED lights!

My piece of advice - use the texture, so it can appear as used, it’ll look beliveable : )

Anyways, great detail, keep it going : )

Oh it is OK, I’m working on the textures. I know that in order to look more Star Wars it needs them cause in the movie the one that appears in A New Hope looks dirty and used so it needs them to look more believable.

It is just a work in progress but I wanted to post the mesh work to show a preview and see what other people though about it.

It took me about 3 days of work (total, I didn’t work on it consecutively cause I’m doing other things) of my spare time to do it and I will let you know how much will it take together with the textures when it is done. :slight_smile:

that is totally awesome! :smiley: now all it needs is a Jedi to “fight” against… :wink:

edit - cool avatar, btw

Not sure about Jedi… but I happen to have a Sith he could fight :evilgrin: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=192043

OK here is an update:

The larger image is the new render and the second square one with the arrows indicate the new changes.

The orange arrows indicate many areas that have been rounded. I didn’t bevel them, I rounded them which looks better cause that is how they go.

The rounding in the upper edge of those rectangular grayish/brownish parts is smaller and it may not be that be visible unless one gets closer but in real life it is about that small.

The blue arrow indicates that I increased the polygonal resolution of the curved surface to about twice as many and the other blue arrow (the lower one) indicates that I increased the polygonal resolution of the curve (in a radial direction cause it was a bit faceted and I redid the part with twice the poly resolution).

The green arrow indicates how I made the large white circular part protrude less from the surface of the sphere cause I took a very careful look a some additional photos that I found of the original prop and it wasn’t as deep as I had it, it was protruding way too much.

In the real prop photos it appears as deeper from the front because of the paint but if you look at it from the side you can tell that the thickness of that part is not as much as I had it.

The greeble associated to those large white circular parts was adjusted accordingly and also the “truck wheel” (the center chrome part that was made out of a toy truck or scale model truck wheel) was also adjusted cause it was too far outside too.

The red arrow indicates that that part was also adjusted cause it was also shorter in the real prop.

The pink arrow indicates that I made the “light” come through the truck wheel holes too cause it was like that in the original prop.

The problem with doing these things as a lot of you already know is always the trouble of finding good source material to work with.

Most of you know how hard it is to get good photos and blueprints of these things and we modelers have to work too many times with some crummy pictures and/or blueprints to do this but we manage you know.

In this case there are a lot of better photos of the Master Replicas Jedi Training Remote prop replica around on the Internet and far less of the real thing and I was lucky to find a few half way good photos of the real one with lots of effort.

As good as the Master Replica model is there are differences and that makes it a bit more difficult to get things right. Also to get the right amount of beveling you have to make an educated guess because its very difficult to judge that sometimes from these kind of photos.

Well, anyway here it is and that how is going so far. I also split the modeling in two and left a lower poly one without all the extra beveling for faster rendering in case I want to animate it or for things in which it is seen at a distance in which case there is no need for that much poly resolution. http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/images/smilies/TheSmile.gif

You can see an image with more clarity (less compression than in the ones below) at this link:



Yeah, that looks cool!!

This looks amazing !
I’ll be waiting for the LED lights ! :))

I’m including two new attached images indicating new fixes. A new rendering and a square image that indicates with blue circles the parts that I changed.

These parts were changed to reflect the way those pegs or thin cylindrical protrusions really are cause what happens is that in many photos of the original prop they won’t show because the original is really old and they broke off due to handling it from place to place but when it was new they were there and I found out this by consulting with some prop replica builders that explained this to me.

I was suspecting this precisely and they confirmed it and now with the fix it is more accurate. http://www.scifi-meshes.com/forums/images/smilies/Wink_anim.gif

You can see the image with less compression at this link:



I updated the image that I placed in Deviantart and turned it into a HD wallpaper set because a lot of people were downloading it (it’s in many different resolutions in a zip file now all the way to 2560 x 1600).

I know that it still doesn’t have textures (only a slight bump map has been applied) so it would be an Episode I version until then. I also added a few glow effects as post processing in Photoshop.

I presume that those used by the young Padawan learners were much newer and looked much more clean than Luke’s in Episode IV but I’m not that sure.

They may still need a wee bit of weathering to look right cause even things that are relatively new have a wee bit of use and have a little bit of weathering but a brand new one out of the box for a new Padawan would look like this.

Anyway here is the link to the wallpaper:


And also here in Mediafire:

Right there in Deviantart you can press the View Gallery link to the right of the page so you can see all my free things and you can also find an icon that I did with the 3D model in Win, Mac and Png format.