[WIP] Kodak Camera

here’s a camera i making for a competition comments, suggestions?


Good, but I think the body could use a little reflectivity… like Raymir upto .1 and gloss down to what… 7 or 8, I think that’d add to realism.

I like it, ditto what that guy said.

thx for the feedback and quick question, how do you undo multires, i accidently saved it after i added them :frowning: now my pc is laggy

Good question Bro. I don’t know if you can. You used the internal renderer?

I think he did, about the multires, I have no idea, my next step would be rebuilding the thing… but maybe there’s another way.

you should add few things around to get some reflections in the shiny parts of camera!

would look better i guess

are you going to share this one ?

may be put it on a table with some coke bottle around or may be a PC with a USB connection and pic on the screen !

keep up the good work


wow u guys are full of ideas thx!

if ctrl + z didnt do it, you cannot undo multitires. once you apply them, they are applied for good. you can try the decimate modifier tho. Also, you should bring down the reflectivity of the lens casing a bit (silver part around the lens(?))

i didnt apply the multires i clicked delete lower level and nothing happened and i cant use ctrl-z because i saved it and closed it already :frowning:

I was making a sofa last time. I used subsurf to polish the form of it. Of course the number of poly increse a lot. I took some time and erased inbetween edge loop one by one. I kept the the polishing and reduce the number of poly.

i might try that, but when im not feeling lazy lol:D

Yo Bro. Adding some details to the model would make it more real. Check this pic http://educations.newegg.com/item/30/170/30-170-103/30-170-103_1.jpg. Maybe you could also try to render with Yafaray. Sure that the result would be even more kool.

delete lower = applying

@flagus: i really have no idea how to use yafaray but ill try and thx for the pic thats the exact camera i was making!:smiley:

@C_sander: then i think im srewed :frowning:

It took me some time to understand Yafaray. But the result I’m having really worth the little effort I put in. Yafaray seemed really complicated at first but in reality its not. Even if you do not have a monster computer its gonna work fine. Check the Yafaray site, they’ve updated their site with grate tutorials

Look in the directory you have the file saved, if your lucky their might be an older version of your file
called .blend1