[WIP] Lamborghini Gallardo: step 1:bodywork

Hi there,
i use to post my work only on the french forum (blenderClan), but not this time !
Considering that is my first car modeling, i’m waiting comments and help of course !

So, here i go…This car is a beat square shape, i think it should be easier…let me see!
Starting with the body:

i’ve got some trouble with the front, something is wrong…:mad:
i go back to work…

for french speaking, see there


I should really finish mine off… Anyway, nice start. Lighting needs work - some Ambient Occlusion for Global Illumination so we can see it a bit better, and maybe a clay material if you want. Also there should be a a seam where the front pillars meet the wheel arch bit. The topology is pretty good and clean. So from what I can see you’re off to a good start. The front end will probably challenge you a bit, but it’s not too hard. With the exception of the lights. They’re really annoying, trust me.

Good Luck.

Thanks nitronic,
i will see about the clay material.
small up:

next coming up during the day !

Hey Uriel,

Body is nice, and nice and cleared modeled. I’m not specialized in car modeling but I think it’s quite well :slight_smile:

Looks real nice so far, but I see too many Lamborghini’s being modeled on here. Oh, well, I can see how they would be fun to model, so keep going. Don’t let me discourage you, you’re doing a great job so far.

UP !

front side…next coming soon…

C&C needed…:slight_smile:

Looking good… don’t forget to extrude your edges so you can’t see through the gaps.

don’t forget to extrude your edges so you can’t see through the gaps

what you mean ? between pieces? i see…i want to make all pieces full modelized…so it should be ok ?

Yeah, like that.

Ok! thx
here a new view
i see many error in the model…i know :frowning:
but the full body is close to be finished…i would think about more hours to fix it again.

i’m starting the main inside piece…from the bottom?

All I can say is you make progress a lot faster than I do! Looks really good.

So let’s fininsh these parts of body…i’ll go to inside…don’t know how to do…maybe from the ouside pieces?..

anyway, the scult mode is…so powerfull to fix the shape error …:o



very nice…

one thing: in the left side of the whole of wheels, or in under of front ligths, I see a litle bumps (I thing is that name :)), but is a only a litle detail

Keep the good work


just a try about inside shape…not easy…not enough ref.:mad:

For references, this may or may not be helpful, but it’s all the images I’ve compiled while working on my Gallardo. Most of them are of the Superleggera version, but they may still be helpful.


thx…i take it ! nive for texturing time…later :slight_smile:

at the moment, i work on the small pieces into the car…

let’s go…

This is definately one of the better car models i’ve seen here, great work! Maybe a little stereotype choice of automobile but what the heck, it’s and awesome car!
I have a fairly odd and irrelevant question; What font are you using on the part of the picture where it says “Gallardo” ? I could really use that font right now in a project.

Thanks in a advance and keep up the good work, you’re really fast!

hey uriel, you car is very nice. Good work!!!

One thing? How you did the tears (wheels :))?

  • You did a circle and then extrude? or you did in different way?

Juggler: the font is Aharoni

joseAraujo: extrude of course ! i don’t see an other way to do it ! what else ?

uriel. Exist another way to make the tears. this way give you results much better and realistic, but is a bit dificult to do.

Let’s see:
1º- add an empty midle of the wheel.
2º- add a plane in the same coordinates as the empty. (to change coordinates, press N)
3º- Then select the plane and press TAB to go to edit mode.
4º- Make with plane only a litle part of the tear (if you see a real tear, you see that tear have many equal parts.)
5º- Then add the Array modifier to the plane.
6º- The in Array modifier, select the option Object Offset, and write under the Object Offset the name of Empty. (By default the name is Empty)
7º- Select the options: Merge and First Last (In array modifier)
8º- Then increases the number of counts.
9º- rotate a litle (in only one axis (X, Y or Z)) the Empty and you see making of the tear.
10º add array mirror to make the rest of tear.

I hope help you.
To see in images go to a model of a friend:

good work