(WIP) Land Warrior - XM-42 Assault Rifle

The Land Warrior Program aims to develop compact assault rifles that you can operate on harsh weather conditions, dusty areas, underwater and in space vacuum.

Land Warrior Program presents to you the first line of it’s plasma based assault rifles, the first is the: XM-42 “Pulsar” Assault Rifle:

Tri-beam rotary plasma emitter with 500 shots rechargeable magazines. 777 rpm firing rate.
Single shot plasma grenade launcher with up to 15 meter kill radius depending on the charge level.

It’s a bit blocky and has too many sharp edges, but it’s looking good. Reminds me of a non-bullpup Halo Assault Rifle. Have you thought about the science behind firing in space or water at all?

That’s a really neat concept!
Are you planning to revise it to be high-poly/realistic?

I will try to achieve maximum detail with the least poly possible because it will be used in a cg movie.