WIP lightning

this is my game lightning its a fps game ive only been working with it for few days but did not know what to work on with my fps project next so maybe you can tell me.

plz dont be to nasty im a newbie.

so it would be good for your help

also i was gonna adda health bar but how can i cos my camera is parented so i cant change camera view with out it moving my gun.#

anyway here is some picz i used tutorials to build this so dont be harsh.

This is the most horrible game ever! I’m just kidding! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
I love your gun! Looks great! Ha! round bullets! I loved me my good ol’ round bullets. I remember when I used to make them that way. This means you think like me, which i’d hope to think is a good thing! Keep up the awesome work!:smiley:

thanks man what tips do you have for me on what to work on next for my fps

Don’t use dloc.

I agree with What Name, you should try using Force or LinV…then just set the friction on the character and/or ground so it doesn’t feel like sliding on ice. (Just incase your not sure, adjust friction by clicking the object -> F5 shading -> Material tab -> Click DYN -> adjust sliders as needed.)

What Name: which one do you prefer (Force or LinV)? And why?

the problem with “the force” Is that if your character ever leaves the ground, the friction value no longer applyes, thus he move 4x as fast in the air…can be a major issue…

About the health bar, try using an overlay scene :wink: