WIP Lisa

Hey , I have been trying to make a realistic female , So i started from scratch and modeled in zbrush from zspheres and even did som painting , and im really happy with the skin painting, since i use a mouse for sculpting and painting.

Then i reto in blender and have done the render

I have the main hair to work on and the eyes.

Feedback would be really appriciated bad or good. thx in advanced.


I think you have to define “realistic” a little further. It could mean anything from “realistic proportions” (as opposed to cartoony proportions) to “indistinguishable from a photograph”.
I think your character looks really good as stylized realism. For photo-realism you’ll have to up the details and imperfections quite a bit.
Let us know what look you’re after (example might be helpful) , that would help with commenting.

hey ToshCG , thx for the critic, well i am trying to go for realism … here is an update, if u guys could give me some pointers to fix i would love it … thx