WIP Living Room

Looking for feedback on the overall design. As of now, the main large pieces are done and I’m creating smaller decor pieces. Next i’m going to add plants.


It’s looking good. the ceiling I think it too distracting, and should have a less textured look, i can tell it is the same texture as the wall too. also the fireplace texture maybe will need some work to it. it seems like the bump is too large but that there should be more depth between the bricks? Have you made actual crevices for the cement part, cause it not that would probably help.
In general this is really looking nice, but the materials in some case are holding it back a little. Also the couch material is not quite right.
Really good so far and the colors are well chosen.

I agree that the ceiling in the middle picture could be better, but it’s hard to say how. In the third picture the big empty surface around the fireplace and clock feels a bit empty, maybe it makes the scene feel a bit unbalanced? The atmosphere and design is nice, almost feels like you could see this furniture when you go to visit your old relatives.

For me this room is somehow cluttered and empty at once. Maybe because of this texture medley :slight_smile: I’d get rid of the chair’s and curtain’s texture and maybe focus on the circles that repeats on tables, blanket, pillows, lamps… also I hope you’re going to put something on the big, empty wall with fireplace :slight_smile: Plus, I don’t like walls and ceiling, but probably it’s just my personal taste - I suppose you’re aiming for a concrete look, but for me it looks dirty.
You did a good job with the modelling part, the couch looks so comfy, I’d like to sit on it :slight_smile: