WIP lizard head doodle

just a test… im not sure how far its going to go… but i figured i should play with 2.53… very happy thus far


XD Great work dude! Sure this is the right section though? Beers consumed 9 ? :smiley:

Actually im positive its in the wrong section… i have no idea how to move it


It’s a good start, has all the base features of a large reptile, the way it looks being where if you run into it you get devoured.:yes:

Lighting and materials need a bit of work as of this stage, but I’m sure you’ll put in a lot of improvement.

playing with some textures… the body is now an array… i didn’t feel like sculpting the entire body… way too many verts… probably would kill my computer.

can someone let me know how to move this thread into the propper WIP section?


Thread moved. Nice monsters!

Looks cool.