WIP ~ Lonely Christmas

After about 4 days of modeling, texturing, rigging and lighting I’m this far with my image for the Blender Guru Christmas competition. I’m not done with all the modeling yet though. I would really really appreciate some ideas and your thoughts on this image so far, because I’m having a lot of problems with telling the story of those two orphans. (The image needs a lot more samples I know.)



I love this idea! Great story, and TBH, I’m getting kinda teary eyed. The Cobwebs on the ceiling look a bit fake. I don’t know if you’ve seen this tutorial or not by Gleb Alexandrov:

It’s a good tutorial for creating Spider Webs.

I love where you are going with this!

Beautiful story. Much more endearing now that it’s a little girl.

God, those characters must be freezing dressed like that with the snow outside! Maybe either give them a fire, some warmer clothes, or hunch them against the cold… just a thought…

Really nice use of lighting and texture by the way.

make the ghosts more visible - after all they are an important element of the story

Thank you guys :slight_smile: I’ll do what you guys said :slight_smile:

This is a very nice work, I love the lighting, tuhe materials, the story…
As djtartak said, you should make the ghosts more visible : I didn’t even notice them the first time I saw your render.

And my only problem is that your characters have too static poses.
Plus, the adult seems to have a back problem :

Keep it up !

I made it nighttime to make the focal object more prominent.

Another update;

Enhanced the clothes and changed the composition

Hello Icestorm
I really like the Story in your image.
The opposing Colors are pleasing to the eye.
One Little Thing, that came to my mind is, that maybe you can make the ghosts more “smoky”, and disturb the edges a Little.
I know smoke is very GPU intensive, but maybe worth giving it a try.

I wish my computer could handle that, but I’m already almost at my CPU limit, having 18 particle systems in the image. I don’t think that my computer could handle volumetrics :frowning:

try working on layers and compositing later - this way you can skip the hardware limitations a lot !