WIP - "Loop Daddy" - Fan Art

A fan art piece of Marc Rebillet, “Loop Daddy.”

Tinkering with the details and some prop placement /set decorations, but any critiques are very welcome. This is my second proper scene in Blender and have had a lot of fun learning everything from character rigging and posing to texture painting.

Biggest issue I’m trying to solve is fixing the white fur trim on the robe. Still haven’t figured out a great way to paint in the texture and make a convincing fluffy feel to it.



Nice work. It’s looks all good with my amateur eyes😅.

Amazing!! You can make hair particles on the trim to create a fur effect.

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Thanks for the insight! I’ll look into it.

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Hair particles are proving to be a bit system heavy for what I need, but I’m looking into at least baking a texture from the hair particles in a separate scene, and then bring that better texture into my main scene. Is it as simple as making a plane, filling it with the hair particle to my liking, then setting up a camera directly above it to capture the bake?

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You can create a number of plane meshes orientated randomly along the trim, and add a material with a fur texture with a transparent background, like how the make grass in games, here’s an example of a character that I made using this method:

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