Wip: Lowpoly Female

Just need a break from school and programming. Its only going to be modeled and rigged no uv mapping is planned. She’s not supose to be a perfect female ^_-, but rather a cute and sexy one, I think I need to give her bigger hips huh?


um, you can draw well, so if i was you i would make a draw and use it as blueprint, this can help a lot. An artwork or something.

At the moment, i think shoulders should be a little higher.
In the side view, i think she could also be a little more curvy an she needs some adjystment under the knee. The head sould be rounder.
For the hips, they look ok to me. But it depends on your personal taste.

just a little sketch:


The rest looks ok to me, and she seems to have a very good topology too.

great model, man. i really love looking at your wires. seems to be missing the ears though.