[WIP] Male body sculpt

My very first proper attempt to sculpt full human body. Here i’ve done some basic anatomy, except hands and obviously head (hands are next stage). Anatomy is something new for me, though i do my best to follow it properly.
I do it to model clothes and armor in future, so i’ll do the main focus on the hands and head (or atleast it’s base), but i suppose that overall anatomy is important too

p.s. New Blender’s 2.81 tool Elastic Deform is some kind of miracle! This is grab tool at it’s greatest interpretation! I do this sculpt on 2.81 only because of that… and also draw sharp (finally! tool to draw cloth folds!), and also Mesh Filter

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Hi @Lemenus

The model already has nice forms! I think the biceps should insert higher into the shoulder and I would buff up his legs more. Keep it up :+1:



Man, that’s a great back. Great work

upd1: kinda like this

Okay I did this very rough sculpt so forgive the inaccuracies:

4 3 2 1

I hope it shows enough of what I had in mind. But this is of course my subjective opinion.


Raeally detail sulpt for a rough one, thank you for ref, but there’s too much of details for me, kinda complicated (anatomy not my strong side, just began to learn to it). Though I added serratus anterior and external oblique, but i’m not sure about how good does it look. Also i kinda formed out six pack more properly, though it’s hard to see it on reference images that i got, so they look different.
Also i formed out arms

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the hand is flat in the screen shots. The hand should have a bit of a curve to it. An arc of a circle.

muscle definition and lines look good, But proportion of the lower body is off. legs and hips are too small in relation to the upper body.