WIP [Male body]

Long time no see, had a mild shock to say the least. Double-checked the address three times before realizing the layout changed.

Well, anyhow, here is my latest project. I’ve decided to do my first fully rigged model with IK and such, at the moment I’m working on the mesh. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

lowpoly is always great.

No crits from me. Really nice :smiley:

I should have done low poly sweats But I am in the thick if it now lol. Your clean mesh and Rex’s clean mesh makes me feel bad :wink:


@rexprime: It’s a nice medium to work in.

@misfit: Thanks :] Well, I prefer to start as low as posible while keeping the shape and then work my way up if I feel like it. But then again, I mainly work with game art :]

I’ve now started rigging the character after some minor tweaks, I’m using the Ludwig rig: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=63614 Thanks for releasing this! :slight_smile:

I’ve pretty much got all the body plus the eyes rigged and working fine, need to do a custom spine as I don’t really need the stretch functionality, as well as tweak the thumbs on the hands as they tend to act up a bit. other then that i’m happy. The problem is the face, it seems to be using a seperate armature and beeing somewhat new to all this I have no clue on how to add a second set of bones to the mesh.

Can anyone please help me on this one?

The waist is a bit too long, and the face topology seems non-existent and tri-messed :\ his torso is in an unnatural box-edge-esque shape as well.