WIP:male rock-climber

well here goes,


wow! that has a ton of detail! did you use a box modeling technique? anyway, looks good. no crits from me.

Yeah, awsome detail. Whenever I see something and think, “there’s no way I would know how to do that” I ask to see wires so that I hopefully learn something new. Would you might posting some wires, preferably pre sub division?

here is the wire, with sub2 and optimization, this is how i have it displayed as I model, just imagine the verts and that is exactly how I pull it around.
A pre subd would be a mess and not show how I work, modelled vert/face extrude(for me, I find it hard adding detail later so tend to start with the mesh density I want to end with) I can’t box model, not my thing baby.
this is same image, what you see in the first post is a displacement map totally made in blender uv/image editor and uvmapped.
You could have a less dense mesh and a better displacement map, but I’m thinking of using the new “orange” tools (shape/driven keys) to animate the individual muscles, so it is nesessary to have a high poly count.
Raw mesh(yes I have set smooth on as standard)
with displacement map and lighting.

looks pretty mean. plans for animation?