wip: marble pawn

This is not my first model, but it’s the first one that i’ve considered good enough to port here :slight_smile: It’s a model of a chess pawn, the texture on the pawn is just the blender generated marble texture with a little tweaking the texture on the first chess board is one i pulled from the internet but i wasn’t happy with it’s size.

So i went into photoshop and made one that was about 5X bigger but it didn’t seem any sharper at all, so i went back into ps and changed the resolution from 72 to 300 thinking it would help…it didn’t:confused:

any advice on that?

a flyby (sort of) animation of the pawn BEFORE i removed the accidental bump map and changed chess board textures

That’s the latest render with yafaray
The floor has a glossy texture and the pawn is shinymatdiffuse
I used photon mapping with 600000 photons and a depth of 10
2 AA passes @ 2 samples each witha pixel width of 1.5
though i imagine i barely need a depth of 3 considering theres only 2 meshs in the scene

any yafaray advice would be welcome; as welcome as any texturing advice;)
or any advice at all for that matter:D

try upping the scale of the texture, i also find really good results with an increase in the turbulence of the effect.
otherwise looks nice :slight_smile:
i attached an example of what happens when you increase the scale and turbulence.


Not quite what i’m looking for but that’s still pretty cool:D
I’ll give that a try after i’m happy with this model :slight_smile:
and what do you mean by increasing the scale?

edit: crap i totally misunderstood that:o
I thought you ment turbulance on the model becasue of the way yours looked but you were talking about the marble texture right? The thing is i don’t have a problem with the texture on the pawn its the board that giving me issues, and i can’t really up the turbulance on the board

i gave it a try on the pawn by increasing it to about 15 but i thought maybe that was to much becasue it started to look like it was spotted lol

to be honest i really like the veins in the marble to increase to turbulance to much but i’ll mess around with it a bit:)

So I increased the x and y repeat of the board texture by 1(making it 2x & 2y)
I added another chess piece, this time black
I added reflections to all the surfaces, though they arn’t showing nicely right now
to try and fix that i increaed the AA to 6 passes
i also incresed the size of the rendered image to 1024X768
and i changed the lighting type to path tracing with path+photons but it didn’t help with the granularity so i’m going to have to experiment some more:D

and heres the result:)

I switched back to direct lighting to try and remove the granulation, and it worked :slight_smile:
until i added glossy reflectivity to the pawns (specifically the white one) and then it returned at the base of the pawn :confused:
it seems to me that it occurs when the floor reflects light that pawn has already reflected
any ideas on how to fix this?

Not sure whats happening with your granulated reflections. Glossy ray mirrors are pretty grainy with the default settings it appears… (i did a quick gloss test - but to be honest i haven’t played with that too often yet)

however i have made a few quick marble textures before with fairly decent results. its not photo-real but you can get a pretty good marble very fast with some subtle textures. the diagonal repetition with the default noise size can be quite obvious and i have found its better to increase the noise size while making the texture type more fine or crack like.

i have attached my .blend so you can take a look… i hope it is helpful in some way.


marble_chess.blend (223 KB)

Thx chimpstar I’ll definatly take a look at that :slight_smile:
and thanks for the advice, though i’ve really grown attached to the diagonals I’ll try a few renders with increased noise size

and as for an update
I played around with yafaray for a while then went and read some lighting theory and realised the reason theres so much granularity Is because I didn’t have the AA setting high enough, I also switched to photon mapping and enabled final gather and it seems to have mostly fixed the problem.:smiley:

This render took 1608 seconds or roughly 27 minutes

Looking good, is the scene intentionally so dark? Materials are looking good. The marble floor looks very flat though. Have you thought about possibly a subtle bump map?

Yup, I was originally going to lighten it up in photoshop later, but I decided that it had a really nice mood when it’s this dark :slight_smile:
and i’ve definatly thought about it, but to be honest if you look at a marble chess board it’s very polished. And i didn’t like the reflection that coated-glossy produced, doean’t really fit the scene, so i decided to leave it and i think i REALLY nice board would take away from the pawns themselves which are the center of the scene
unless ofcoarse everyone disagrees with me, then i might change it :smiley:

and heres my latest render

I doubled the number of photons in the scene(from 600000 to 1200000)
increased the FG samples to 128
16 AA passes @ 64 for the first and 32 for each consecutive
and that removed any noise AT ALL in my scene
this render took about 11000s or roughly 3 hours
and incase anyone’s wondering my processer is a [email protected]