wip :masai portait

Hi everyone… I’ve started a new project; my goal is to create a old-masai person.
I’m working with different references founded on-line, so it will be a “generic-portrait”
here is the face, really simple now; I’ll improve it with sculpt in order to create wrinkles and a more interesting and detailed face.
Now I’m working on ears… so updates will come soon.
thank you


Excellent flow you’ve got there. This is going to look great, keep it up.

here is another step… i modeled the “strange” ears and teeth; tweaked a bit the head (
especially the neck, it was too large)…


C&C are always welcome :slight_smile:


Absolutely great, awesome wires.

Looks great!

very sweet. you nailed it!

You, sir, are one wildly skilled artist.

EDIT: I should mention its a credit to Blender to have you here instead of around at some Maya forum somewhere.

Hi, latest progress…
I moved closer the eyes and start working on dresses; they are not yet finished (for example is missing the knot in front of the chest) and I’ll rework them with the sculpt tool in the future.
I know: maybe the subject is quite strange for 3d, but it give me the possibility to test different tools of blender and approccing to modelling…
as always, C&C are welcomes…


(…thanks for your feedback)

hmm nice work. One crit tho, your dress thing as you called it, around the shoulder it looks waaay too stiff… possibly if you "softened’ it up a bit, unless that is a very very thick ‘dress’ Superb modeling everywhere else tho!


Nice work!!!

Dang all the folds and the face…Perfecto.
Nice ear lobes as well.If textured well someone would fall for it without a doubt even a 3d expert.I dont know if I’m over impressed or something but this is too good

And the crease of the cloth bit at the top just needs a tad bit of unstiffening.But then again it might not be the kind of cloth I think it is.

Wow. You should give classes.

or explain if zbrush or sculpting was used in anyway…

Awesome work. :eek:

Your muscle topology is very realistic.

Very very nice modeling. Keep it up! :smiley:

Awesome dude.

Hi, just a quick reply… not yet sculpt tool untill now; I plain to use it for wrinkles and details in the latest steps of the work.
Right now i’m working on the cloth; all of you are right. The creases suggests that it is soft but looking at the references it seems more stiff; so I’m reworking on them… (sorry for my bad english:( ).
thanks for all suggestions

Excellent modeling skill…nice work…i wish i could do that…

Hi, small update… I think the cloth is better now than before… I coloured the objects with a simple material to make them more easy to recognize.It’s a pity there is no option for choose the wireframe’s color in the viewport…
thanks for critics! I’m considering to start with decorations… (I don’t know how to call them; but looking at those great piece of handicraft, “jewels” is a better word).
as always… bad english.

umm yes you can change the wireframes color in the viewport, but thats still one color for all the wires as far as i know (well exept for if some are selected and the others are not:p) oh, and a nice model!

First off, this is an excellent piece already.

My only crits are about the cloth on the left shoulder (his left). There isn’t anything keeping it up. There doesn’t seem to be any tension below it, which would allow it to be more like that. Sorry if that didn’t make much sense, I can draw what I mean if you want.

Don’t worry IanC, I see. I think I’ll take a look to that in the next step.