WIP: 'Masterthieves' (a.k.a. 'Geoff & Richie')

Hello community,

FantaCratia has been put On-Hold. I am going to work on a smaller project called ‘Geoff & Richie’ or ‘Richie & Geoff’ or <insert name here>.

‘Geoff & Richie’? What’s that?
The concept of ‘Geoff & Richie’ popped up in my head while I was travelling back, by train, from the Blender Conference, to my hometown. It’s about masterthief Richie and his brother Geoff.
Richie is a cool guy, he knows he has pros and cons and he tries to apply them to every situation.
Geoff is the oposite of Richie. Impulsive, stupid and a bit crazy.

So where are the renders?
I deceided to keep the community up-to-date as soon I knew what concept I was going to convert to a short. Richie and Geoff are the chosen ones. I have to dissapoint some of you, because I have no renders yet.

What are you working on right now?
The environment which Geoff and Richie will ‘play’ in. I’m also working on some concept scripts and concept drawings.

Do you have a deadline?
Blender Conference 2008: The day before the submission deadline of the Suzanne Awards.

Wish me luck,

- Christiaan ‘AniCator’ Bakker

EDIT: Users with a 56k connection will not be very happy with this thread. Their connection will be flooded with work-in-progress images.

I wanted to try to sculpt a stylized head. I wanted to sculpt Geoff’s head.
I now have the base shape of his head + some eyes and eyeballs.
Next: Geoff’s mouth.

Geoff’s current look:

- AniCator

It’s not finished yet, but it looks better already.

First version of his mouth:

Current version of his mouth:

His wire is really ‘cubic’. I’m going to test with the Re-Topo tool and see if it gives a satisfieing result.

- AniCator

ReTopo is a cool tool. I first didn’t get it right, but after a bit of testing I deceided to create a plane and subdivide it a lot.
What I didn’t know when I pressed the ReTopo All button was that the ReTopo tool aligns all the vertecies to everything in the gui’s view.
The camera and the buffer lines of the spotlights affected ReTopo too. Here are some funny screenshots I made of them.

Looks quite normal except for the camera that is visible on the mesh and those dots:

I think I get it, the mesh went crazy!:

And another screen:

  • AniCator

I’ve been busy correcting some ‘bugs’ on Geoff’s lips. Because of the subdivision modifier the mesh had some artifacts when rendering because the vertecies of a tiny row of faces were not placed well.

Old version of his lips:


New version of his lips:

I have also been playing with the light a bit and his deformation. I deformed the mesh in Edit Mode because I knew he wasn’t finished yet which would make shape keys useless on the finished mesh.

It’s a very extreme expression. :yes:

I also tried to create some wrinkles, the result wasn’t really satisfieing but it wasn’t bad either. It looks too realistic in my opinion, but from a different point of view it’s totally wrong if it’s supposed to look realistic, but I’m aiming for a stylistic look. That also explains his nose.

The weird bump in the middle is caused by me moving vertecies with the Mirror modifier activated.

Things to fix:

  • Edge loops
  • Maybe add some ears
  • He looks very ‘white’, I’m probable going to change that too. (lips, eyes, etc.)
  • Speaking of his eyes, they look a bit odd don’t you think.
  • Speaking of his eye lids, they look weird, a bit too stylistic.
    - AniCator

I forgot to announce the official name of the short:


- AniCator

I applied the Mirror modifier and tried another expression. Geoff usually won’t make this kind of expressions:

You’re making some nice progress! I’d critique the eyes a bit…they don’t look all that great…kind of flat if you know what I mean. Otherwise there isn’t much else to critique! Nice progress!

Thanks for your comment, Red Yoshi!

- AniCator

Who needs edgeloops when you already were able to make some nice expressions?

I haven’t completed my ‘fix-list’ yet because I simply wanted to play with his face, give him some expressions.

“Welcome to the black void of Blender! Where only you and I exist.”

“Who do you think you are!?”

- AniCator

Thats the creepiest, wierdest, oddest, freakiest lookin’ face ever,
But the expressions come off pretty darn good actually! So good work.
Ive never been great shakes with face modeling, so I cant give you any tips, but the nice and hard mid-line on the forehead really bother me. Theres also a pretty gross lack of definition on the lips, except around the edges, where it should ease smoothly into the face.

Keep it up, nice progress!

You’re right. I can only see the upper-lip in my wire but not in my renders. I’ve tried to fix it.

Comparison renders:
Before ________________________________________After

- AniCator

Less ‘fat-lip’:

Sorry I forgot to reply to this,

The mid-line on the forehead is partially caused by the mirror modifier, partially caused by me and partially caused by the ‘Proportional Editing’ tool which was set to ‘Sharp’.

The easiest way to fix this is to wait until I got most of the symmetrical stuff done so I can apply the Mirror modifier.

Thanks for the comments,

- AniCator

EDIT: The first version of Geoff’s head doesn’t have this ‘artifact’.


Actually, the after-pic is less correct. The lower lip is usually ‘bigger’ than the upper lip.

Try to use image references (even for self-made characters, the structure is always the same):

Thanks for the tip. I’m not very into using references, but I’ll try to use em.
I actually was playing a bit with the mouth. I shouldn’t have posted it.

- AniCator

EDIT: It was also saved in a different file called geoff_07_lessfatlip.blend.

Well, I can tell you that no-one ever learned to make things like heads without using references :slight_smile:

And posting is good. Makes it possible to give more critique, from which you can learn, which is usually good :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, oogsnoepje,

- AniCator

PS: You’re Dutch right? Or you’re from Belgium.

Yup, helemaal 100% Nederlands :slight_smile: