WIP (maybe done?) of my take on Red Autumn Forest 2.91

I have been working on a character, props and world for the past few years, and I thought I could make a nice remix of the scene from Blender’s 2.91 splash screen Red Autumn Forest by Robin Tran.

Here’s the original for comparison:

I wanted to recreate the layout as close as possible, and convey the same vibe of a relaxing moment in nature, but change up the color scheme, season and time of day. Also my character is smoking a cigarette while leaning on the back of his truck, Lenny’s not as wholesome as the hiker…

Here’s some alternate angles of the projects:

And now to try getting this hog on sketch fab…


Very nice! I wonder if the grass is a bit much and if you should use some common game tricks like hair ‘cards’ to achieve the same result.

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cool thanks for the feedback! you mean visually there’s too much grass? or i could be rendering it more efficiently? or both haha? I’m new to creating grass with the hair system, I made my own little low poly grass bunch and set 3 color variations as the collection.

Visually it’s fine, but I’m worried about the real-time performance in WebGL. How many polygons does your scene have?

313,969 faces… is that insane? I did some more tidying of the scene, i’m going to try uploading it to sketchfab and see if it explodes.

That sounds fine, but make sure you test it in time.

Made lots of little adjustments, breaking up the tree line a bit more and lowering the amount of flowers, redrawing grass density and height.

I have never used sketchfab, or really tried to transfer a blender project to another platform at all… Uploaded my project to sketchfab and it uhh haha… did not work at all. I watched some tutorials and now understand the process of correctly preparing the project for sketchfab. I feel like I wont be able to translate exactly the look I have achieved in Blender, but hopefully can get as close as possible. Here we go…


Hey! As we’re entering the final days of the challenge, I’d like to give you some helpful tips to make sure you can successfully complete your entry. Please see my new post on the FAQ topic.

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Final update as the deadlines looming. Had to drastically pare down the complexity of my scene to get it working in sketchfab, it still has like 6 million triangles so I have definitely learned the important of efficiency during this project haha. Been a really fun learning experience and I feel like now I know how to design with sketchfab/gaming engines in mind. Here’s the how the scene ended up:


Hey! Just a quick reminder that there’s now less than 12 hours remaining to wrap up your challenge entry - submissions close at 2022-09-15T21:59:00Z, GMT+1 (click on the link for some international times).

If you haven’t done so already, please review this post which contains some essential information for preparing your submission.

At the very least, upload your work to Sketchfab as soon as possible and add the #bcon22challenge tag.

It’s also a good idea to add a link to your WIP topic in the description of your Sketchfab model so we can easily find it.

I’ll also keep a close eye on the FAQ topic today, so if you have any issues or questions please post it there as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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Just adding a link to my Blender project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DkCvQ6MGSbNjUPko3n8O5R3ta0i5ilv3/view?usp=sharing