[WIP] McDonald's Waitress

Hello blendies ! I realised I hadn’t worked on any piece of work (finished images or models, I mean) since I’m a 3D student. Paradox.
So, here’s a project I’m working on ('been working on this for one week, a bit less maybe). It’s a character I’ll be using in a short (very short) movie (I’ll unfortunately make the rest of the work with 3DS Max, because schools, you know…). It’s based a concept a friend of mine drew (http://jelly-roger.blogspot.fr/), and she’s been directing my work.

I still gotta improve the hair and there are still some tweaks to do, but the model is almost done. Next step will be to create the clothes and then UV and textures (which is not exactly my speciality). Here’s a few renders, hope you’ll like it ! :smiley: (from some points of view, it appears more clearly that the shapes need some tweaking. I’ll work on the breasts roundness.)





And you can check the model here : http://p3d.in/XE8fY/subd+spin

Cool character… I kinda like her exagerated hip-size - even though its maybe a bit over the top… I think a bit of volume to the lips would be nice - Now she has a bit the appearance of a turtle :confused: otherwise I like the character design a lot…

Hello again ! I’ve been working a lot on the model, lately. I haven’t updated here 'cause I keep this thread for the major updates, I don’t want to flood with some tweaking and stuff.
So here’s what I’ve got so far. She now has clothes, a slightly different face (I had to correct the shape to fit what my friend, who designed the character, had in mind), an improved topology, a new hair (mostly on the back of the head) and a few other things.

(There’s still some tweaking to be done, but the model is mainly finished)

And, since I’m planning to make a short-movie with this character. My friend and I have started to work on it. While I’m learning how to rig in Blender -which far easier than I thought-, she started this evening to design the environments, to draw a storyboard etc.
So, here’s the first colored sketch : http://www.pasteall.org/pic/49022

A lot more to come, as soon as we can !


Wow the character design is awesome! XD I’d like to see a wireframe screenshot! Also did you box model this? How much sculpting did u do?

Thanks ! So here’s the wireframe.

I confess some parts of the topology may not be perfect, I kept the mesh as clean as I could, but since it moves pretty well when I rig it…
And to answer your other question : I box-modeled the body because I think you get a good shape faster that way, and I used planes pour the face and hair :slight_smile:

I updated the p3d.in link, by the way. Here it is : http://p3d.in/4P8vH/spin

Sweet! it looks Awesome! It looks really clean to me! x)