WIP-Mech Hand

(Dinklebrow) #1

Just a quick render of a Mech Hand that I am working on. I’ll post a quick animation of it tomorrow.


(shibbydude) #2

Nice chrome envmap (can I have it? :smiley: ). The only thing I see that I don’t like is you can still see the vertices on your wrist surface. If you are using subsurfs then increase the level. Increase your OSA setting to like 8 or more too, I can still see some aliasing artifacts. Nice job otherwise. I look forward to the animation!

(dickie) #3

i like it.
quite a lot actually.

no crits from me.
except maybe some
dirtiness to the texture,
you know some natural grunge.

(BgDM) #4

Nice start! Two things though:

  1. The thumb should be farther down towards the wrist. Just doesn’t look right alighed with the rest of the fingers.

  2. Small point - make something coming out of the fingers where the lines/tube meet the fingers. just having theses penetrate the joint kinda throws it off. Just some minor detail at those points and it will look 100% better.

I love the envmap as well. Very nice job.


(Dinklebrow) #5

Thanks, I still need to do a lot of work for the hand before I move to the arm.

Here’s a preview animation.
http://www.crosscannon.com/hand_preview2.avi 1.9 Mb MPEG4

BigDM–>I saw that the thumb was way off after I posted the original images.

shibbydude–>The envmap is easy to make. Set the background with a magic texture (texture buttons–>default settings are ok). Select RGBtoInt button in the world buttons and set the horizon color to a white color. Set a Empty above the model and set a new texture to use the Empty as the envmap object. Also set up a Magic texture for the model and select NoRGB from the material buttons for the object. Render. Save the envmap and select load map (select the map you just saved). Go back to the world buttons and set up the world the way you want.


(Pooba) #6

I think it looks cool, but the thumb needs to be a bit shorter. Otherwise it looks great!

(pofo) #7

Very nice, I’d work some more on the holes in the fingers. Otherwise it’s very good modeling in my opinion (like it matters :slight_smile: )

  1. pofo

(S68) #8

Thumb should also be opposable… it should rotate on a completely different axis than other fingers. that’s wy you can grab :slight_smile:

Great job, for the rest, chrome is really nice.


(DreamMaster) #9

It’s one of the best mech hand I have ever seen! I really like the look of 4 fingers, but something’s wrong with the thumb that I can’t figure out what/why. My suggestion is to add some dirty and imperfection because it’s too perfect for my taste. :slight_smile:

(Dinklebrow) #10

Thanks for all your replies. I will take a look at the thumb (since most of you said that something was wrong with it.) I have the arm about half way done now.
If you would like to see the tutorial for doing the hand goto
Its a maya tutorial, but you should be able to follow it in blender.


(blengine) #11

its a little odd…i think its that its a bit long =) the front views are fantastic though! has a very mechanically cool look to it, but i think the palm needs work, more mechanicalality? hehe, great chrome btw

(Dinklebrow) #12

I’ve been playing around with the chrome settings a little, and modeling the arm (still needs some work). The thumb placement still needs some tweaking on it to get it right.