WIP_Mechanical Head

I´m new in this forum(first thread),so hello to everyone.

I want to build a mechanical head,that looks from front view natural and from side view half mechanical.


It should be animated later (speaking),so I think driven shape keys are best for this.
For the mechanical part I´m not sure,maybe a mix of pneumatic or hydraulic and electro engines.Well a lot of modeling and rigging then.
I think a brain can look good here,I never modeled a brain.Someone knows a good way to model a brain or a good link for mechanical rigging?

Regarding the brain - there are some good material out there that you can download. Otherwise you have a nice setup so far.
Welcome to the forum!

thx for your reply.
Here is an update,sorry that it looks a bit scary.
Next plan is to build electric parts inside.
I really don´t know what it looks like, when it´s ready.
The ventilator is animated and the Head turns too,not that much at the moment.