WIP - Metroid Prime - Blender Guru Competition

Hey, thought I’d share my WIP of Metroid Prime for the Blender Guru Competition. I’m new to this forum, though not new to Blender itself, so any constructive feedback would be most appreciated.

Basic modelling for Samus is done. Materials are there just as a stop gap. Next is some advanced modelling on the armor and then modelling the scene. Thinking of doing something from Sanctuary Fortress from Metroid Prime 2 (if anyone played that game).

very promising, looking forward for the advanced modeling on the armor :slight_smile: Samus armor is pretty challenging.

I love Metroid. :slight_smile: One of my favourite game series.

The legs and waist looks a bit too big and sorta masculine and we all know Samus is not masculine.

Other than that looks very nice and can’t wait to see it completed.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve slightly changed it and slimmed it down a notch. I’ve been massively busy (juggling two jobs at the moment), hence the late response; the armor is proving to be challenging to the point where I feel I don’t have the necessary skills to do it justice. However I think by altering my final scene I may be able to hide my flaws as much as possible.

Next is modelling the scene and enemy, again with basic materials and then hopefully by next week start composting.

Time has been against me from the get go. Pretty sure I will not be entering this for the competition any longer as I just don’t have the time. However I shall finish the scene anyway. Bad practice to just give up.

This is the scene I’m going for, the main room at the beginning of the video. Initial modelling has been completed. Next is some more detalled refinements as well as enemy design and rigging. Once again, sorry if i’m late in posting updates, job unfortunately has to come first!