WIP my house

Looking cool so far, are you going to render this from top view without a roof?

I’m probably going to render it room by room and it’s going to have a second floor. I don’t think I’ll do the exterior though.

Added stuff to the bathroom: Shower head, tiles. I need some help with setting up cameras and with the lighting.

I would also either like the camera to somehow be inside the walls it is currently cutting through, or to hide the walls for the render, is that possible?

Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

Dear nickwalk,

You can move an object or objects to a different layer simply by selecting them in Object Mode, and then going to Object from the View - Select - Object toolbar panel to the lower left corner of Blender (right above the panels there), and then selecting Move To Layer…

When it comes time to render, Blender will only render those layers that you have selected. You can see what layers you have selected while in Object Mode, just look further to the right of the View - Select - Object toolbar…further down to the right, you’ll see a little layers panel that is similar to the one you saw when you moved an object(s) to a different layer. The ones that are selected will be darker. Here’s a close-up screencapture to make it even clearer:


Just hold down the Shift Key and click the various layers you want to render if you want to render more than one - the default in Blender is to start with, and render, Layer 1.

Hope this helps you out, keep up the good work hugs.


Rachel :slight_smile: