[WIP] My Kitchen


i am new here and i say hello to all :slight_smile:

Here is my second interior scene (first in Cycles)
Waiting for opinion


Best Regards

I think the table on the right is a little too reflective. Other than that I like it.

i think the reflectivity on all your surfaces is too much, thats about all i can critique on this good work

The table is a bit too reflective … and the fridge could use some stronger glossy (at least if it you want it to be some kind of chrome material)
I would also change the color of the glass lampshades … the color gives me the impression of them being dirty

I really like the bread slicer :slight_smile: Maybe add some detail to the electrical outlets and add some sort of light bulb. Also the kitchen cabinets need some reflections. Good work and nice details so far.

Hi again

Thanks for you opinion - not many critique - nice to read but constructive critique is good help improveself :slight_smile:

oki small changes - textures, reflections and new elements.

I frogot write in first post - this kitchen is project before repairs