WIP: My logo fx animations

I came ujp with an idea for a logo animation and I have 2 drafts I posted to my youtube channel.

They still need work. I am currently working on a finisher for the 2nd draft where my initials break into particle and form a spiral shape while fading out. I also need something to create a better electric arc. THe one I used is a texture animation from another project.

You can view my other videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/rremnar

And could someone point me to the forum rules? I am on a public computer atm and I didn’t notice any links to forum guidelines.

Rules are here

On the animations, they look really cool in some ways!
One note I have is that it seems very… visually busy. You have one texture on another texture being applied by a texture and motion and it’s just confusing for the eye.

You might consider making the actual initials a solid, or at least brighter, color/texture so that more attention is brought to them and they’re made more readable.

With logos, typically, the simpler the image is (at the end of the animation) the better and the more memorable it is.
I just watched both of those and as I write this I don’t remember what it said because the textures, bitmaps, animations etc. held all the interest.
That could be what your going for, in which case, success.

Love to see updates on these