WIP - My new upcoming animated short film Conflict: Earth

Hello community! It has been a while… again…:wink:

I’m doing a new animated short film on my spare time. I just recently rendered main title animation for it, which you can download from here:

Without music (approx. 5.7MB):

With music (approx. 6.0MB):

All made with blender, except the background image, which I made with Paint Shop Pro. I also composed the music by myself for it. Feedback is more than welcome! :slight_smile:

Until next time, bye!


Very cool. Will the movie be made with blender? or with something else? or perhaps a mixture. It looks very profesional. I like the background effects, not the animated marble effect, but the wave type effect. What’s the movie about? or is it a suprise…


very cool stuff

how do you animate a marble effedt anyways?

First, thanks for replys…

Goo: I’ll probably use blender all the way. At the moment I don’t have any plans to buy expensive software for this project… I just love blender! :slight_smile:

That wave type effect you are referring to is actually a marble texture, which has yyy texture coordinates and three diffirent offset movement on it :slight_smile:

The plot remains yet to be seen :wink:

Nayman: On Texture Buttons I used Hard noise and clicked Sharper button on the marble texture. I then set the Brightness to 1.5 and Contrast to 2. On Material Buttons I clicked the Neg button and put alpha on and that’s it! :slight_smile:
And it’s animated with Z offset of course… This effect is good for electrical thingies, force fields, etc.


That’s cool. I’d never have recognized that as a marble texture too. That’s a good idea. I think it said you were working with a company of some sort. Is that your own company, or something else. That’s why I though you might use other programs than Blender.


We actually have and rely more on the 2D programs than 3D. We have looked some inexpensive 3D programs though and I must say that Realsoft 3D looks quite promising. I belive it gives the best bang for the buck IMHO.


very professional. cant wait to see the movie.