WIP: My School

So I started in a new school (Sammon Keskuslukio in Tampere, Finland) like a month ago, and I decided to model it with blender. I’ve been doing it for some weeks now, and its looking good (not textured yet and missing some details and third floor :P).

But here’s the thing: I need to make big stairs that lead to 2nd/3rd floor… and I’m not sure which way would be the best way to do it. They have walls that are made of steel and have huge amount of holes circle holes (look at picture :P), and that makes the walls look half transparent from distance. What would be the best way to model them, should I try to add there a huge alpha map with the holes or…? Atm I only have a curved plane to demonstrate where the stairs will be. I’m using Yaf(a)ray for rendering.

This is btw my first big WIP :smiley:

The slowly updating WIP can be found from here: http://cadiac.deviantart.com/

Here some pictures/quick renders:
Sry for my english and huge pictures : D

Any tips are welcome : )

It’s looking very good so far. It looks like your model room is bigger than the room in the image though. It seems like a much longer distance between the stairs in the foreground to the back wall.

I’d definitely go for the alpha map option. The poly count would be ridiculous if you modelled the whole thing. It doesnt need to be big at all though, just so long as it tiles.

Oops. Double post. Sorry

If you use a map for that you have to be careful, especially with raytracing, it may not give the overall transparent look, it may just look grainy. You may have to treat it as a uniform surface with special lighting properties. I don’t know if there is a way to have the alpha change as the tangent changes, maybe raytrans?

Looks really cool!

Thanks for comments, Ill try to make it. : )
@Asano, I know it looks bigger, which is strange cos I did it based on the
bottom left picture. I guess its about the camera angle or something :o
Ill post the results of the alpha map later :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to make quick test tonight with crappy texture: the results were better than I thought but still it actually just looked grainy. Ill try to make it again tomorrow with better texture + I’ll add some details to the stairs :stuck_out_tongue: Some pictures here anyways.