wip , new character bust

Wip , I’M now working on his clothing , everything was done in blender 3d

hm this is quite impressive.
Where there are lines on the face seem too dark and also the color I am guessing you just went and picked a darker brown. Istebrak on youtube has a tutuorial on painting skin and says not to do that, might be worth the look. Nice stubble. I am super jealous how’d you do that??
The clothes of course should look more real. But really looking good so far.
Love the expression you are going for on the face. He looks like he’s going to be really fun.
Looking at the bigger image, it doesn’t look quite right how one eye looks opener then the other. Though not sure how it should look exactly either.
I like the ears and how small they are…
The mustache and eyebrows seem too dark maybe.
Amazing texturing on the lips! I really like the wide face, but feel like where it get’s near the ear it is supposed to be a little more in. Again can’t say I know why, but that is the feeling i get. I think I’d make the forehead furrows not go out quite as far and start to taper off a little sooner.

I’m really thankful for your notes , I’ll take them as very good advice , I wish final image will be more satisfying

i like it. is he italian or afroamerican. more italian with a touch of afro, i think.

Thanks , I’m not sure what his origin looks like , is there general description for human origins by geographic locations

This is the concept which I try to memic , I take it from Pinterest

Oh I didn’t mean he is in anyway lacking! I apologize if i sounded like it. It’s great so far!