[WIP] New_Personal_Project

hi, my first post here… Still WIP, and I think i’am gonna render this, and finished this project. but I dont have any time XD

Great start!

personally i think the body is looking really good but the face doesn’t look quite realistic proportion wise to me. Anatomy is hard for me, but I think the neck seems wide in comparison to the head (but maybe not the body?) And lots of little things abotu the face. The eyes maybe too large, the mouth not pushed back at the sides enough?
The clothes are really interesting and look like they would be so hard for me personally to do. But there may be some color clashing happening too. Which is a shame cause the clothes look so good. The black and the gold on the skirt trim particularly to me is not quite right. I think the main issue is that there are too many colors? Anyway great work so far! Love to see where this goes.