WIP Ninja(skool project)

Hey all,

First of thanx for checking trhe thread …:smiley: n e way thios is a few pics of a ‘ninja’ thing that i am making for a skool project i have made the mesh(Looks CRAP as you can tell) but then again i aint that artistic. n e way i thouhgt i wouuld post it here cause i can. N e way we have to animate it (ARGH :< ) so yeah this is where my motivation leaves me because they are all seperate meshes and i dont like all the detail that they want me to puit into it. any way C&C as per usual on the WIP forums.

Any ideas of good ideas for a bit of a walk cycle or somethign for the animation???

Any way without further ado here are the pics.

oh yeah sorry i didn’t put OSA on or anything else. So i just need basic crit and comments on like everything else and i am not good at texturing also :’( thanx

erm i cant exactly see the details can u give us a bigger render plz

Yeah i can but htta is the point there is not much detaiol on it . if there is there r lot certs etc and that is gonna make the animation fun1!!! n e way here are a few extra render of like random places

Hand punch/stab weapon:



welkl ther some more crap renders
Any one got good suggextions for animationg? poses etc ty all


The modeling could use some work, but it has lots of details in my oppinion, which is great!

Do you know how to rig a character?

mr_rob: i have basic idea but not rly :expressionless:

blade: yeah i know the modeling could use a LOT of work but that is not the umm goal of the assignment. it is more focused onto the animation side of it. what do you mean that it has a lot of detail? i can not c it. lmao.

gonna go work on it now see ya


oh yeah umm i dont get the whole IK stuff n e one know good explination etc?? ty


Yuo could work on the model, textures, and materials…well overall everything. Great idea, but could use some work. Your mesh is a little to square and could use more detail. Face could definately use some more detail, and Im not sure if its fractal subdividing your using on your clothe but you could cut that down, and make it look like a cleaner model…