.:Wip:. NINJA!! thingy game

This is not a serious project. I do it for fun and for discovering the blender game engine. Still lots of bug btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Move: arrow button
jump: space
change between walk and run: ctrl
change weapon: shift + z or x
flip: s (unfinish)
I dunno how to call this: Press up at the wall, not the wall at the edge, it is the wall at the middle(the cube wall thingy) it because i still not finish it
Camera 1: 1
Camera 2: 2
Punch: A

enjoy :smiley:

kida boring… not much to do

Am i posting this in the finish project forum?..check it, nope :stuck_out_tongue:


Added new animations for the combat move(2 new anim for punch + 4 new anim for the weapon combat move)
Fixed the motion speed problem

enjoy :smiley:

Added jump attack anim, so you can do round kick and all that stuff now
(8 new anim)

Press space then A
Use weapon press space then A

Hope you like it