WIP? -- Nude Asian Girls Redux (not work safe)

Subject: two asian girls around a 3D yin/yang symbol on a fractal background. This image has nudity, but you can’t see nipples or genitalia, so I guess it’s “mild nudity?”

I’m not sure this is a WIP. I feel it’s done, but if anyone has any critiques, I guess I’ll try to take them into account to make another render.


Here’s a true WIP – full nudity here – the typical model I’ve been posting about these past few weeks, except I tweaked all the proportions of the armature to get a shorter look, fatter, flatter face, thicker legs, etc. Then I put two of them in the same scene (in roughly the same pose) so you can see her from the front and back at the same time.


As with all of my renders, the point of the render is the mesh and armature – not the scene as a whole. I’ll probably never have great lighting and great props. All comments are welcome, but ESPECIALLY comments about rigging and meshes are solicited. You can get the .blend (for all my renders) from http://faemalia.net/Blender.

My goal is a perfect and perfectly-poseable beautiful human female. Once I perfect this one, I’ll probably work on a blonde caucasian female. Eventually, if I master the female, I’ll begin male models, but since do this part-time on weekends, it’ll be something like 9-18 months before I can start on males.

the models are good, but you should work more on the skin, make an UV texture and more complex shader, because now they appear to be made in plastic. The lighting is a bit plastic too. Too much stencil shadows, not enough radiosity.
I think you have some work left to have the perfect asian :slight_smile:
Look at this :
( http://www.jakerowell.com/animatrix.htm)
don’t say it is ‘impossible’ to do that, it’s just a matter of good texturing and lighting, you already have good models.
Take a Hi-Res photo of your face (of your wife’s face) and make a good UV with the clone brush in gimp.

First, radiosity is broken in Blender in a way that affects my ability to do radiosity rendering with any of my models. Get my .blend and try rendering with radiosity (in the modelling, I haven’t yet the patience to see if it works at render-time). The MakeHuman people have written up more detailed report of how radiosity is broken here:

Dedalo page about broken Radiosity

I’ve made a post about it on blender.org here:

Blender dot Org posting about Broken Radiosity

And the end result (probably correct) is a suggestion: need to stop using Blender’s renderer. Maybe someday I’ll learn another renderer. They all seem to have steep learning curves. Even Yafray with its integration to Blender has given me a grand total of zero acceptable renders, and I’ve put a few hours work into it.

The ‘stencil shadows’ – I think you mean the clear demarcation of shadows, is on purpose. I used an edge detect algorithm in GIMP to get that effect. I’m kind of trying for an artistic effect, like “near-photorealistic watercolour painting.”

Um. I think I’ve already got her memorised. Her wires and some other images of her on the artist’s homepage (Francisco Cortina) here:


Thing to note: He didn’t use Blender. If you go look at his Final Fantasy shaders, you’ll see he uses some subsurface scattering type shaders to get realistic skin lighting.

Also, those wireframes are nice. Hidden faces don’t have their wires rendered. I wish Blender could do that sometimes…

Getting skin textures is easy. I have a subscription to 3d.sk. UV-unwrapping is hard. I don’t think I’ve got the time for it this year. Maybe sometime a few months into next year.

For now I must settle for an artsy look.