WIP of a nebulae


here is a planetary thingy i am working on.


comments / tips needed.

thank you.


Your planet is in color and the background is black an white. Also maybe an atmosphere on the planet would be good, something is needed because it doesn’t look like it’s in space it looks like it’s in front of a fake background.

Planet seems to have some specualrity going that makes it look like a marble instead of real too.

There’s some good tutes on how to make a realistic space if ya look, I only use blender stars for quick reference.

For planet atmoshpere look at this thread:

And for better starfields check this out:

Hope this helps.

smaller stars
more stars
shadow on planet
atmosphere on planet.
colour background
planet not in centre of image
DOF bluring for the closer terrain.
a landscape with larger features.

enjoy!!! (maybe keep the background cepier but blend the planet into it a bit more)

keep blending

thanks guys.

will update the pic…