WIP of a Soldier

HI, i am going to create a Soldier. I have a bit time now in the Easter holidays :smiley:

First WIP:


The Shoes. I wanted to use uv Textures for the most things, but they did´t look good enough, so i moddeled the shoe with a bit more Vertixes :smiley:

I started to create Pair of pants. I don´t know, how do the people make make it?? I think it does not look very good.


I continued moddeling and I pushed prozedural Textures on it.


wow look cool! It’s good start!

Some advices: Put a bigger sole for the boot. It seem way to small at this moment.

Modelling look cool, and put some pocket on the pants :wink:

Thanks X-Warrior, That with the sole was a great idea. I looks better now:
The pants etc… will follow!


higher sole.

lol ya a little bit more :wink:

more? I think it s enough. Maybe a little bit…


yea better now. You got it :wink:

Yeaha :smiley:

The ??? of the boots is too cylindrical. There is no ??? :-? :-? :-?
Der Stiefelschaft ist zu zylindrisch. Es fehlt der Spann.
Nice work :smiley:

Another WIP:

@tordat: Ich bin deutsch und verstehe was du sagst, aber ich weiss nicht was du meinst!


Buhhuhuh,can’t even make myself understood in German. :frowning: :o :frowning:
So I try it with hieroglyphes
In the side view the boots look like
this but they should look like this

very good start,
I am anxious to see the final result

Logik_Guy :wink:

new WIP:


I made the upper part a bit smaller:


Getting better and better!

I think it would be a good idea to blend the different body parts together
a bit. Make the pants hang over the boots a bit (a bit bunched up as well
because pants are originally longer than this of course)
And let the jacket hang over the belt, more towards the crotch a bit.
It looks like the arms could use a little resizing along the Y axis as well,
but you’ll notice that as soon as you’ll start modeling the arms

Good job, keep it up!

  • Stungun

Are they still surfaces or have they been converted to meshes?

I just use Meshes to model. I start every time with a circle or a box and extrude it until I have my results :smiley: I never use aanything else than meshes :smiley: hrhr Meshes are cool.