WIP of outdoor deck

Hello Blenders, I’m trying to improve my renders to look photo realistic and I know I’m far from it so I’m happy to hear any critisism and feedback how I can improve. This is my latest render I’ve spent time on, probably way to much for the result but this is were I’m at right now.

This is just my opinion, but as far as I can see your main problem is FOCUS…

Some parts of the deck are a little blurred. as are the trees right next to the deck, both the deck and the trees need to be fully in focus.

The trees in the middle background need to be sharpened to the same level as the trees next to the deck currently are, and the hills in the distance also need sharpening.

My advice, it should be like the pics here ( babe optional :wink: )

Thanks, yes I really did fuck up the focus of the scene, I thought that the table only should be the main focus of the scene but I can se that I’ve used way to much.