WIP on cycles with nodes set up for wood procedural texture

hoefulyl we can get some interesting nodes set up for procedural texture in cycles
to emulate wood texture

so if anyone has some good nodes set up and willing to share it upload nodes set up and sample file if possible
and no images or pictures only procedural textures

here is my first basic nodes set up still very WIP
but can control the brightness and contrast and with some displacement too!

woodtextcycles1.blend (463 KB)

i will try to get better results later on with other nodes set up !

happy cycles

For the sake of output consistence/coherence, wouldn’t it be better to put the Diffuse shader after the Bright/Contrast node?

i tried it but i get only black lines in render !

can you show other set up may be where it can also be used!


Does some one actually few weeks ago post a material of wood generated?

here is another nodes set up where you control the
basic material color
the texture color

see top objects in red and green


here top row
for beginning of wood texture in cycles

node set up is for the top left plane first row


this will be good to get proc textures in cycles :slight_smile: its one thing i really miss about BI xD

here is one with double proc textures

added some smaller dots all over to give it a more oak like wood

but still need some work here

easy to control the scale of dots but
wondering how to control the quantity of dots over the area?



here is a modified one with some glossy on it