WIP on tut for shovel from cgcookie for testing

i began doing the shovel from cgcookie tut

and almost have it done

now i’m having problem with the last constraint on bucket hinge 3

anyone know how to correct it so it works llke in the tut

see file included

shovel251.blend (984 KB)
thanks for any help

Just had a very very quick look… I went into edit mode and recalculated the bone rolls with ‘Ctrl + N’ (because a few bones looked twisted) and then switched back to pose mode and all seems ok…

Not that i’ve watched the video yet…

I think it’s that one, it may be this one though?

i was looking for this command thanks
with ‘Ctrl + N’

how do you do it

in pose mode or edit mode and select each bone then apply this ‘Ctrl + N’
and which selection do you set
got the X Y Z choices and other selection here ?

i’l test that later and see if it works ok

yes it’s the first video
it’s an inteersting way of soing it
i mean instead of moving the piston he’s using stretch the piston instead
but seems to be donig the job anyway!

can you uplaod corrected file i’ll try to look at the axis and see if i understand this one!

i’ll try to complete the rest of the shovel mesh with the cabin later this weekend!