WIP: One Survivor Too Many

Hello! I’ve gotten started on some concept sketches for an ink rendering I’d like to make. The subject matter is a humanoid dragon in a fantasy setting, with the main character arriving at the scene of his people’s massacre. Here’s the conceptualization work I think is worth showing:http://www.gallery.knoxfarms.com/albums/album08/31Aug2008_A.sized.jpg


I’ll post progress as it comes. Any helpful thoughts are welcome.

wow, that’s … interesting :slight_smile:
looks violent … so… its a drawing—> scan in?

Yes, it’s a drawing. I used Prismacolor black markers to get a pen and ink effect. Everything thus posted was scanned, but the finished piece might be too large to fit on the scanning bed so I’ll have to photograph it.

This will be the final version. I need to work on some more detail, then I’ll ink it.


Wow thats pretty sweet. I tried pen and ink once at school in art, but was not really good at it. but I really like the criss cross lines style. Though I can never get it quite right.

But anyway that looks awesome.

I’m still working on this. Here’s my progress so far.


Here’s a recommendation. I’ve transferred pictures via a camera before… it seems to gradient wash the negative space from white to a subtle gray, one you don’t see until you try to print it. Probably an easy fix, but my experience with trying to fix it digitally has had mixed results.
What you could possibly do is scan half the image at a time and stitch them together. You’ll get better resolution that way, also. It’ll make for a larger file, but when it comes to detail, more pixels, usually, the better.
By the way… nice piece!

This shouldn’t have any negative space by the time I’m through with it, but I like that idea. When it comes time to getting a final digital copy I’ll look into that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slow progress. Everything else in life has a deadline except for this. :no:


Wow. Thats coming along really well. The shading on the dragon and the detail on the sword are awesome. And is that a ghost of one of the dragons ancestors of something? Looks really cool.

I really like the concept of the sketches. Very interesting!

I think I’m 90% done with this. I’m really getting to the point where I want to move on to something different.


Nice! I would look after the anatomy of the leg. It’s not wrong but I think it would be cooler if you try to stay close to the real thing.
Another note, why not make the shadows darker? some areas will benefit from those dark shadows. It will also help make the monster pop up better ( being the main lit thing )…
Diggin the perspective and composition by the way.

Keep going :slight_smile:

Look at that !
Like the massage, there is work in there, very good!
I`ll come back to see 100 % done!

I’m posting this as I sit down for the evening to work on it… I appreciate the reciprocation of feedback! For the leg anatomy I was aiming for mostly human structure but more digitigrade toward the foot/ankle. It’s hard to say what the “real thing” would be since it’s neither fully human or fully dragon.

What parts do you think should be darker? I wanted to work on the principle of darker things grabbing the attention more. eg. dragon is darkest, pillars are lighter, back wall is lighter…

(BTW, I checked out your site. I’ve got Waheed Nasir’s “Heaven on Earth” as my desktop background now. :D)

Aha! so you want a well lit scene. That’s nice too ^_^. I know things are harder to do with ink, but you are doing a really good job so far… so good luck.

you are great!
really the good job.


This is the final version. Some areas are lacking polish, but I’m not going to work on this drawing any more. It’s finished.

I used the technique Moonbrother suggested - since my scanner is too small, I scanned it in four “pieces” then used the Pandora photostitch script in the GIMP to piece it together.

How long did it take, hours wise?

Look Cool But How long did it take ?
and what pencil did you use and what size ?
90% Done:)