WIP - Oriental Girl

I want to thank you all for the critiques of my last face, I pretty quickly came to realize that I needed to just start over (here was my previous attempt: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32792&highlight=). I am still trying to get beter at face/character modeling down, so I started over after learning about face loops. I decided to try and make an oriental character using the fiber plugin for the hair (I hope that’s not cheating :expressionless: ). Here’s what I did:


and different hair color (with a texture):


The wireframe:


Wow, great improvement!
I like the dark hairy one the most.
keep on!
and hey, you could try the pixar eyes tutorial… i used it in my sun mask.

Cheers! :smiley:

Thanks TiZeta! I like the dark haired one also. Oh, in my last post I forgot to say that critiques and comments are welcome. I know I’ve got a really long ways to go!



Very nice. I like the dark haired one also. Just as a matter of interest how many verts and face is the new model.


The face (the one you see the wireframe for) is 219 vertices and 205 faces. With subsurfacing on the face is 3314 verts and 3212 faces.

The hair is the real killer running at just over 99,520 verts and 39,003 faces.

Everything together (including an unfinished subsurfaced body) is 114,856 verts and 54,781 faces.

Oh! you’ve used very few vertices for the head but still you caught the shape quite well!

She could use some more vertices around the eye I think?

Hum, the “opened skull” is quite frightening :wink:
What I usually do to do the top part of the head is :

I take the eyebrow-arcade’s row of vertices and extrude it using the ear as a center for rotation… I extrude turning around the ear an do the neck out of that.

Then I correct the proportions.

erm, does that make sense? :smiley:

Keep it up!


Black hair it’s better.Very good!

her eyebrows look like slimey worms :smiley:

Not worms…hehehe
But need work :wink:

you have some serious problems in the tupology for animation.
try to avoid tri polygones.

how far will you refine the mouse nose and eye area?

but compared to the first head great improvement!!!


Oh yea! Thanks for all the crits and comments.

Dani: yes the head was quite scarry. I’m not sure if I completely understood what you were saying. Were you saying to extrue and rotate using the ear as the pivot point and repeat that multiple times until you get the shape of the head? Or where you saying to use a tool such as spin using the ear as the pivot point? Thanks for the advice!

dhanielc and GhengisKhan: yes, the eyebrows stunk. Thanks for pointing it out, I took off the specularity and they look considerably better.

cekuhnen: thanks for noticing that, I followed the guidlines of a face loop tutorial and so originally was fine, but then I went through messing with the vertices and edges and I inadvertently joined a few points together. Slams head repeadedly I’ll definitely need to fix that when I get ready to animate.

I am not sure how far I am going to take this model. I have never had any experience with working at photorealism and I don’t really know how to start. Any suggestions on where to go next would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my latest rendering:


This one was done on the fly (I just felt like making a body). I have not corrected much in this one, I still need to fix the face loops, although I did take the spec off the eyebrow. This face is complete (it is no longer open) but it has so many tri’s that I will not post the wireframe until I fix them.