WIP: Outdoor Chess Scene


This is my second rendered scene. My first and very basic scene >
My Night Mushroom Scene.

This was originally going to have gentle rolling grassy hills but creating alot of grass proved a little hard so I came up with this idea instead. After I get the rock texture figured out I think I will like this better anyway… Lighting needs alot of work. The light in blender doesn’t seem to act like real light should to me. It would be nice to just be able to put one sun somewhere in the scene and that would be all you had to worry about…

Anyway, two things right now:

  1. Does anyone know the best way to light a sunny outdoors scene? Right now I have three suns on a .3 intensity along the whole scene and then two spot lights. One pointing at the chess board and the other pointing away from it illumination some of the grass(I know shadows should go in the same direction…)
  2. The clouds are giving me trouble. How do I make them more transparent on the edges. They don’t look real at all to me…

How do you like the Knight? Somewhat original? Do the checkered squares look to marble and not wooden enough? How about the pieces textures can you tell white from black easy enough?


Try to work on the marble a little. For a day scene

1 sunlight with .7 intensity (can be bluish or yellowish)
1 bluish hemilight pointing straight down, intensity .5
1 bluish sunlight pointing straight up (intensity .2)
1 shadow only sun or shadow only arealight.

Try to work on the marble a little.

See. I was asking if it looked to much like marble, because they are supposed to be wooden… Oh well, now that you said to work on the marble I don’t know which way to go…

1 sunlight with .7 intensity (can be bluish or yellowish)
1 bluish hemilight pointing straight down, intensity .5
1 bluish sunlight pointing straight up (intensity .2)
1 shadow only sun or shadow only arealight.

I know the placement of the shadow only light(where the “scenes sun” is supposedly) and you specified to make the hemilight point straight down, so I am assuming it goes in the middle of the scene.

The sunlight pointing straight up, is it in the middle of the scene on the ground or above it?

The sunlight with the .7 intensity, it is the brightest, so should it go at the same loaction as the shadow only source(I assume this one is to mimic the actual light coming from where the “scenes sun” is). If this is the case then why put two lights at the same location? hmm, so you can adjust the shadow intensity from the shadow light seperately from the brightness of the main light source? hmm… good idea.

I will experiment with this. Thank you Kansas_15.


Can someone tell me why the clouds are blue except for in the denser region? I used halos with tex and a cloud texture. All the colors are white so I don’t know why it renders blue…

I applied Kansas_15’s advise for lighting. Except, instead of one hemi light in the middle of the scene I used four evenly spaced near the edges. I find this gives more even lighting. I need to boost thier energy a little. Looks like maybe a cloud is blocking part of the sun…

I added a rock table for the chess board and changed the landscapes rock texture. I used someone elses texture although I can’t remember whose right now. I will have to give him credit later. I got rid of all the ugly bumpiness by taking the DISP off under map to.

Crits please.

I’m not sure if this is the problem, but have you tried turning on the Unified Renderer in the bottom right of the render buttons?

Also, you might want to scale down the texture on the ground, or use a different one than the table.

Latest. Doesn’t look very clear after resizing for the web… Anyway, I’ve been experimenting a lot with textures. The latest one I added is the ground in front of the table rock. I like the texture, except the white part looks like snow that has partially melted and then frozen again over night. Doesn’t match the grassy area…

I did work on the mountain and cloud. Cloud is less blue with unified render on. Also it is now farthur from the lights, which are casting blue light. It was always behind the lights though. I didn’t know they cast some light in the opposite direction? I want to redo the grass using particles. Maybe I can achieve more randomness that way. Don’t know how to use particle systems yet…

Table rock needs work. I was trying to give it a strong mossy appearance.

Lots of experimenting with textures. They seem to me to be the hardest thing to learn. I wish to be a Blenderhead (is this the proper term?).

Blender N00b