WIP Painting Corner

Hello everyone, so i made this mostly trying to practice my lighting and composition, im trying to get a kinda stylized look, warm, cozy…etc
id like to hear your opinion, how can i improve it


Only issue I have is that as a painter, I do not leave my stuff on the floor - I keep a tool box on wheels or a cart or a small tv tray for my stuff to sit on so I can come back and forth to work as I want.

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The reason why everything is on the floor is: van Gogh had left the room… crying because he has no inspiration… :wink:


I don’t know if you’re still working on it but maybe a warm light ray would improve the feeling of cozyness. Right now the light is mainly shining at the curtains. It’s not really doing much to the furniture though.
It would help to make a distinct difference between bright areas and dark areas?
Hope this helps.