WIP Parliament of Drakes! NEW TO DO LIST PG-7

Hello all!

Well before we get started, I want to start with, the planning phase for this game is only 60% complete so were not getting into “making” any games yet maybe not for another month or so, depending how much help “we” get for the next part of the 1st phase.

I also know that a lot of you want to see quite a few things before you will even take a step in this games direction, however, this is totally counter productive based on quite a few aspects of game development, making a bunch a stuff and showing it off is putting the cart before the horse.

We have purchased copies of the Pro Version of L3DT, We are using Wood Workshop, Gimp, Crazy Bump, Open Office and of course Blender.

We have express permission from Kinkade Studios, and through negotiations, have been kind enough to allow blender artists to use thier plant texture archives, which gives nearly 300 plant textures, which can be split into almost 1000 separate Tree, Bush, Grass, Vines, Flowers, ect (the textures wont be available for a while, hence this post)

We have also established a full forum website for this game, it has a complete resource section, and has been laid out from start to finish of the Design Document with over 90 posts designed to be directions and goals for each category that must be filled in leaving the outline for the entire game readable and accesable to all working partners.

We have also established our OWN chat server, that is private and unhackable in any way, allowing file transfers of any size, chat rooms, multiple users, along with other features. SOON TO BE IMPLEMENTED - Our personal chat server will also have VOIP capability so members can call one another FOR FREE as long as they are part of the game.

I have been enrolled and compleated 3 game development classes, none of which have anything to do with modeling or textureing or programming or animation. The focus of my classes were Game Development Planning and Creative Directing and game Production.

On that note, knowing what it is you like to see, and having a few things done during my research process, I can show you that stuff.

Here is the area of Ghenghan, soon to be home to some Human Anointed.



This is the Island of Blue Maul, soon to be home to some Trogs and various baddies!



And to show, the outright level of detail being poured into this game, here is an example from one of the Dragon Player characters being developed out of 20!

Removed Concept picture for editing!

Here is the high concept for the game the overall want and desire for it to head in,

Removed High concept for editing.

Removed story for editing.

Removed story for editing!

This is what i need for right now;

RIGHT NOW we need a Texture artist, I have already gathered, paid for, and have permission for, MANY textures and other art assets. I need someone to work them into something good and usable for the game.

Please, only someone with a lot of experience with Gimp or Photoshop.

I also need a Technical DIRECTOR, at this point we are not ready to start programming, what we need is someone who is VERY EXPERIENCED with programming to give advice and be able to PLAN our Technical design document in preparation for all that needs ot be done…

Anyway… I might have forgot to put something or say something and if you have a question PLEASE PLEASE ASK ME! I am VERY nervouse about putting this up right now (you guys are a tough crowd LOL) this is my baby and I am VERY serious about this.
I have been working since FEB on this and now I need help.


All of what you have seen, has been created by, written, and planned by me Terry Burgenheim, shown to the blender artists forums on this day Sept 27 2008.

All that has seen previous IS Copyright by me Terry Burgenheim.

Wow! This game looks AWESOME! Did you texture paint that? When ever I texture paint, its pixely up close.

Game looks promising! Keep up the good work.

Impressive!!! And quite beautiful!
Good luck!

Looks good mate :wink: But I doubt how much help you’ll get :frowning:

i could help.
not much, but i could…
maybe lighting?

Thank you guys for he responses…

Jesusfrk - I appreciate what you said… Not totally, its a combination of multiple textures. that one there was generated by L3DT. I selected the textures though.

OTO - Thank you!

Zymn - Thank you, I will be in contact soon, we dont need lighting yet, but we do need someone to pour over MANY Textures that need cleaned up.

James - Why dont you think someone will help??!!?? Please Tell Me why!

Lemme say this, I know blender cant make an MMO, and I know that the scope of this is huge. But we are following a process here, and I have completed TONES of work thus far. I am not hoping to make the next great NEXT GEN game here. What I want to try is to make a workable demo, exercising as many features as i can into it from the high concept, and maybe all of us learn something more. I hold no illusions here, CMON GUYS!


Well, I really hope this gets finished, and that some people help. I can’t, I’ve devoted some time to like 3 games :lol: and have a game of my own in the works.

I can clean up as many textures as you want.

Just tell me what exactly needs to be done and I’ll be glad to help

Nice progress,


I have that program you have, how do I get it in blender?

edit: nevermind, i got it, but it’s over 500k polys, how do you get it lower?

Hey Guys,

Farthioner - Excellent! Ill get to you and Zymn a little later. I am on my lunch now, i cant get to here during work cause they have out puters on lock down… especially mine… BOOO!

Jesusfrk - L3DT is amazing, it can even calculate alpha maps on the fly for the stencils. The best way to do it would be to export the height-map and then place the height-map on your subdivided plane. Then use the displacement modifier on it, once it turns into your terrain just apply the settings and your gravy… though its also generally best to convert your quads to triangles, you get the best shapliness out of them I have found. I can make a Tutorial if you like!

Thanks again for your responses guys…

Anyone have any crits? What do you think of the story? The high concept, stuff like that.


I’ll try it. Thanks. I tried noise and Boy did that NOT work. Haha.

I liked the story, at least the first half but then I got tired. (not that its boring :D) I’ll read the other parts later.

I can even start on some conceptual sketches if you want.


The story, IS LONG. I designed it in a way that the player discovers more and more of it as they play through the beginning parts of the game.

This is just the first part of the story, rest the dragons discover some horrible and awesome things as they go along and play through.

Thanks guys.

i finished the model you asked me to make.
want me to send it to you?

I would love to help, I am fairly knowlageable in python, but my comp doesn’t support GLSL.

oh yes, and a quicky crit, I think that real-time combat has been done before on an MMORPG

EDIT: yes it has, take a look at mortal online.

Zymn - Wow that was fast. Hold on to it for now, well until later when I get home from work at least. I have the textures you can use already. You will have to go back over your model a bit, once I send you the Blend with the area in it, then alter your specs to match the area around it.

This is the bridge leading to the Annointed’s capitole city of Ghenghan, from reading the story, you can see that the Annointed are BAD BAD dudes, we havent had the chance to sit and meet yet, but they are 24 feet tall at thier biggest! Imagine a mixture of Dooms-Day, and He-man or Conan, but smart too. (they have the blood of a god in them)

Curleystraw, You can do programmable combos in it? Ill explain further to you exactly what we are looking for combat soon. It will be sweet and fun! I could really use your help.

I understand you guys are excited, but i dont want you to get ahead of me, i still want to meet with you guys on my chat server b4 we head out so I can give some direction, and you guys can get a feel of how this is going to work.

B4 that happens I need to know when it is your available, when your not, stuff like that.

Curlystraw, I would like you to start thinking about the main script, one that we can put the world together with. its such a large area I would like to split it into separate scenes, and each scene will be pulling from a different file, of course the characters info will have to carry scene to scene area to area. I am working on the menus as we speak, but since we are playing with dragons we arent really going to need an inventory at all. pretty much everything will need to be able to draw from a separate blend file though, except the static stuff likes trees and buildings.

So Start thinking about that, how we will implement the drawing of the multiple assests from multiple files, and a simple way to put it all together. Dont worry about writing anything yet just think on it and do some reading. the biggest thing we will need to hash out together is a naming system for all our assets.

Its ok about the non GLSL, right now the BGE hacks about 20 fps off the top no matter the size of the texture. Even if it is just a statue that is Normalmapped and is the only thing there, so with the scope of things, at most, we will use it for shadows and mist and other fancy effects that arent required to play the game but pretty things up in the end.

well, what kind of script you ned depends on what you mean by putting the world together with… do you mean generating the areas? or just having numbers you can call on from different scenes. (health,experiance, gold)

oh, I thought your area was normalmapped. Nevermind!